The main aim of my blog is to make all the recipes without onion garlic available at one place. After a lot of experimentation, innovation & Krishna's grace, I have developed these recipes.

Many people desire to follow devotional service to the Lord but they are unable to do so because they are afraid how will they survive without onion garlic which is used in every where & every sphere of life these days.

We offer the food to krishna & prasadam i.e. the food that we eat after offering to Krishna makes us pure from within. We can not eat anything that is not offered to Krishna & onion garlic belong to the category that can not be offered to Krishna.You may know that onions and garlic are botanical members of the alliaceous family (alliums) - along with leeks, chives and shallots.

I wish to facilitate eveyone with great recipes here. Hope you all like it.


Meena Mani said...

Hare Krishna shilpy ji,
Your blog is extensive, too good. I too maintain a blog to post my sattvic recipes without onion and garlic, mainly for my friends who hesitate to make with out onion and garlic.
Once I decided I will offer my food to Krishna, I stopped adding those. Every day (5 years ago) I used to experiment finger crossed. But should admit never has it been felt by family that something is lacking in the food and taste. In fact it is even more delicious. Krishna's grace.
No woman's cooking domain is closed at any point in time, I have lot of things to learn and your blog provides ample guidance.
Happy to be associated with you.
Meena Mani

Anonymous said...

Hare Krishna. U have a great blog with a good collection of recipes that are made with simple ingredients that r readily available. I especially liked ur cakes and brownie recipes as they dont use butter. Bookmarked. Thank you.

Deepa Subash said...

Hi Shilpy,

Your blog is very good. I will try your recipes and update you. I also have a blog with recipes without onion and garlic. Pl do check it out and let me know your comments.

Hare Krishna!!

divya said...

If this app has more different countries recipes it will be super

Anonymous said...

Superb! I wanted to give up garlic and onion as I am a beginner in spiritual lifestyle but could not as I was not sure how my family would react to simple sattvik food. But your blog is God's blessing in disguise and an encouragement to follow my sattvik practices. Thanks a lot. Keep adding more everyday recipes. God bless you. Jai Sri Krishna.


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