Friday, 27 June 2014



  • Hotdog buns - 4
  • Tomato (chopped) - 1
  • Capsicum (chopped) - 1
  • Carrots (grated) - 2-3
  • Paneer/Cottage cheese - 100 grams
  • Mozarella cheese (grated) - 150 grams approx
  • Red chilli powder - 1/4 teaspoon
  • Black pepper powder - 1/4 teaspoon
  • Salt to taste
  • Olive oil - 2 tablespoons
  • Tomato ketchup

  • Heat olive oil in a pan.
  • Add chopped tomatoes and chopped capsicum to the hot oil.
  • Fry them for a minute.
  • After a minute, add grated carrots to these vegetables.

  • Fry them till the vegetables turn slightly softer.

  • At this point add salt to taste, red chilli powder and black pepper powder and mix well.
  • Next, add crumpled paneer/cottage cheese to this mixture and mix well.

  • Now, the filling is ready to be used for the hotdogs.
  • Keep it aside.
  • Next, slice the hotdog buns from the centre.
  • On the lower part, apply a tablespoon of tomato ketchup to cover the base completely.
  • On top of tomato ketchup, add 2-3 tablespoons of the filling prepared so that it covers the base well.
  •  Now, top it with mozzarella cheese to cover these vegetables.
  • Cover them with other half of the buns.
  • Now, bake them at 175 degrees for around 5 minutes.
  • Baking these hotdogs helps in the vegetables and cheese getting cooked together really well.
  • You can even skip the baking part and roast the buns on gas stove using butter.
  • Once done, hot dogs are ready to serve.
*Tomato ketchup without onion and garlic is easily available in the market. Companies like Kissan & Tops make Tomato Ketchup without onion and garlic.


Mythreyi said...

That preparation looks Delicious and it is Satvik too!

sushma Mallya said...

Looks yummy and delicious !


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