Saturday, 26 May 2012



The chocolate balls are a big hit with the kids & they are very easy to make.

  • Mariegold biscuits-10-12
  • Drinking chocolate-2-3 tablespoons
  • Milk just enough to knead the dough

  • Grind the mariegold biscuits to powdered form.
  • Add the drinking chocolate powder & mix well.
  • We use drinking chocolate powder as it is sweet so there is no need of adding any extra sugar.You can adjust the quantity of chocolate powder as required.
  • Using small quantity of milk, knead the mixture to a dough.
  • Make balls out of the dough formed.
  • You can even decorate the balls with gems if required.
  • Chocolate balls are ready to serve.
* You can use CAROB POWDER instead of chocolate powder in case u don't use chocolate powder.

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lakshmi said...

no refrigeration required?


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