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To make a chapati, knead the dough first.
For kneading the dough we need

  • Wheat flour(atta)-2-3 cups
  • Water as required
  • Always knead the dough in a wide plate or a vessel as it requires some space.
  • Take atta in the plate or vessel & add water to it slowly.

  • Add water slowly & mix it well with atta.

  • Don't add too much water as it will become very soft, just glaze with water on the top n then knead it well.
  • Don't add too less water as it will make very hard dough.

  • Follow these steps & you will get the perfect dough for the chapati.

Next make the chapati.
To make a chapati follow these steps.

  • Make a small round with a little dough.

  • Apply some dry flour on both the sides.

  • Roll a round chapati using a rolling pin & a flat base.

  • Once chapati is rolled, place it on a hot tawa on a high flame initially.

  • Then turn it upside down & keep the flame on medium.

  • Keeping the flame on medium, turn it upside down again & using a kitchen cloth & pressing it from all sides slowly, make it rise.

  • Make it well cooked from both the sides.

  • Apply desi ghee on the top & chapati is ready to serve.

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